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Garey is available for a variety of Drumset and Percussion clinics. Below is a list of subjects Garey can give a clinic on. Each of these educational events includes a handout and playing demonstrations.

Each clinic is tailored to the needs and interests of the students. Garey is known as "the best of the best" for his abilities to demonstrate and clearly explain each topic he discusses. These clinic topics can include any of the following or others of your choice:

The Study of Technique:
   Grips (Matched and Traditional), Stroke Development (Arms, Wrists, Fingers; Front Hand, Middle Hand and Back Hand Fulcrums), Rudiments, Finger Control Strokes, Moeller strokes, Velocity Strokes, Open-Closed Strokes, Push-Pull technique, Dynamic Control, Rudimental & Orchestral Techniques. Bass Drum & Hi Hat Pedal Techniques (Heels Up and/or Heels Down, Single & Double Strokes).

Drumset Coordination Development in All styles of:
    Rock, Funk, R&B/Hip Hop, Jazz, and World Beat Rhythms
Big Band Chart Reading/Interpretation
Combo Jazz Charts/Interpretation
Studio Charts/Interpretation
Brushes (Garey Studied with Jeff Hamilton)
Open Handed Drumming
Working with a Metronome/Drum Machine
Ghost Strokes
Two & Three Surface Riding
Developing a Time Source with the Hi-Hat Foot
   (1&3, 2&4, quarter, 8th, ìoffî beats and Clave)
Applying Rudiments to the Drumset
Double Bass Drumming (Single and Double Strokes)
Blast Beats
Linear Drumming
Odd Time Signatures
Beat Displacement
Metric Modulation
Multi-dimensional Drumming
Ostinato Drumming
Hand/Foot Fill & Solo Patterns
Improvisation Forms
   (ìCompingî, Fills, Trading 4ís, 8ís, Soloing over the Form, Soloing over a Vamp, Soloing over a Vamp with Kicks, Cadenza and Ostinato Soloing)
Ear Training - Hearing Drum Parts on Recordings
Transcription Techniques
Drumset Musicianship:

   Setting Goals (Career Considerations/Consultation), Developing a Practice Schedule (Six Areas of Study: Listening, Technique/Rudiments, Counting/Singing, Coordination Development, Playing with Recordings and Playing Live)
Drumset Tuning
Selection of:
    Sticks, Mallets, Drums, Cymbals, Drum Heads and Electronic Equipment (Headphones, CD Player, Amp, Drum Machine, Audio/Video Recording Gear and Accessories).

Student benefits

Students receive valuable handouts and essential "hands on" instruction to develop their skills as a drummer, percussionist AND musician.

Teacher benefits

Teachers receive a complimentary consultation on: selecting affordable, quality cymbals, sticks, mallets, instruments, playing techniques, tuning, care & maintenance tips, percussion literature and more.

Additional Events

In addition to percussion and drumset events, clinics can be provided for percussion ensembles, jazz bands and vocal jazz rhythm sections.

Scheduling an Event

Each clinic is tailored to your request and can be scheduled at your convenience. The length of an event varies from a classroom period to half and whole day workshops. Artists in Residence classes are also available upon request.

Previous Clinics

Click on the above link to view a list of 100+ locations where I have given clinics.

To schedule a clinic contact Garey Williams at
or by phone at: 206-714-8264.

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