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Garey Williams

Uniquely Gifted Educator

Garey Williams was first introduced to music when his father would take him to the college big band and jazz choir concerts while he was in grade school. His love for drumming and learning began when he purchased a used drumset and was given private lessons at the age of twelve. While immersed in school concert bands, orchestras, jazz bands, pep bands, marching bands, rock bands, percussion ensembles, etc., Garey also studied with many great teachers while attending public school and college. Garey Williams' thirty years playing experience and over twenty-five years teaching experience has steadily built him a reputation as both a world-class drummer and uniquely gifted educator.

Garey holds a Masters of Music degree in Drumset, Percussion Performance and Jazz Studies from Central Washington University. His teaching experience includes private lessons, master classes and clinics at public schools, drum schools, jazz camps, percussion festivals, music stores, drum shops, as well as, teaching at Central Washington University, Yakima Valley Community College and Olympic College. Garey is also an active clinician for DW/Pacific drums, Sabian cymbals, Vic Firth sticks, Remo drumheads and LP Percussion.

Garey teaches all styles, all levels and all ages. Each student has unique drumming interests and needs and Garey tailors the lesson to the individual. Garey has the unique ability to inspire students without intimidating them. In addition to his extensive orchestral percussion background, Garey is one of the few drummers that can claim mastery in many different styles: Rock, Funk, R&B, Jazz and World music. Williams has personally studied over 100 different books, educational videos/DVDs and clinics/master classes from some of the worlds' greatest drummers. Garey's extensive experience has led to the release of five educational products under his own publishing company, Drumset Artistry. He has available three instructional DVDs and two method books. Garey Williams has released two solo CDs and has been published and reviewed in: Rhythm Magazine, Modern Drummer, Percussive Notes, Band World, and numerous regional and International publications.

Jim Chapin World Renowned Author and Educator says: "It's great to experience your great talent. Your technique is terrific. You're extraordinary. Really, really absolutely terrific...you're playing is sensational."

Garey teaches beginners to professionals. Each lesson is tailored to the students needs and areas of special interest.

Lessons with Garey address the technical and musical aspects of drumming. Whether it be learning how to read music, learning Rudiments, Fills, Grooves, Double Bass Drumming, Soloing, Funk, Jazz, Latin, Fusion, Studio Drumming...you name it...you can learn it from Garey who has had prefessional experience in all of these styles and more!

Drum lessons art taught out of Garey's state-of-the-art Drumset Artistry teaching studio located in East Bremerton/Silverdale. It is complete with Drum Workshop and Pacific drumsets with DW hardware, Sabian cymbals and Remo drumheads, a snare drum/practice pad station with a large mirror for developing hand and foot techniques. All in a spacious room with a vaulted ceiling, sky tube light and a return air system making this studio very comfortable and attractive. This facility provides students with the best possible environment for learning. Garey also teaches at Ted Brown Music in Tacoma and Mills Music in Lynnwood.

If you would like more information regarding lessons in this state-of-the-art facility or at another more conveninet location to where you live you may contact Garey at garey@gareywilliams.com or call 206-714-8264.  

Source Materials
Click on the above link to get a list of the method books that Garey has studied and uses for Private Lessons.


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  • Drumset Artistry Curriculum
    Includes Any of the Following

    The Study of Technique:
       Grips (Matched and Traditional), Stroke Development (Arms, Wrists, Fingers; Front Hand, Middle Hand and Back Hand Fulcrums), Rudiments, Finger Control Strokes, Moeller strokes, Open-Closed Strokes, Dynamic Control, Rudimental & Orchestral Techniques. Check out Garey's DVD, Get a Grip, the Strokes and Motions of Drumming. Bass Drum & Hi Hat Pedal Techniques (Heels Up and/or Heels Down, Single & Double Strokes).

    Drumset Coordination Development, Chart Reading/Interpretation, Stylistic Understanding and Playing Flexibility in:
       All Styles of: Rock, Funk, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Big Band, Latin, Fusion, Modern Jazz, Drum & Bass and World Beat Rhythms. Plus the study of: Open Handed Drumming, Working with a Metronome/Drum Machine, Ghost Strokes, Two & Three Surface Riding, Developing a Time Source with the Hi-Hat Foot (1&3, 2&4, quarter, 8th, “off” beats and Clave), Applying Rudiments to the Drumset, Double Bass Drumming (Single and Double Strokes), Linear Drumming, Odd Time Signatures, Beat Displacement, Metric Modulation, Hand/Foot Fill & Solo Patterns, Improvisation Forms (“Comping”, Fills, Trading 4’s, 8’s, Soloing over the Form, Soloing over a Vamp, Soloing over a Vamp with Kicks, Cadenza and Ostinato Soloing) and Transcription Techniques.

    Drumset Musicianship:
       Setting Goals, Developing a Practice Schedule (Six Areas of Study: Listening, Technique/Rudiments, Reading/Counting/Singing, Coordination Development, Playing with Recordings and Playing Live), Tuning, the Selection of: Sticks, Mallets, Drums, Cymbals, Drum Heads and Electronic Equipment (Headphones, CD/MP3 Player, Amp/PA, Metronome, Drum Machine, Audio/Video Recording Gear and Accessories).

    Tour of Garey's Teaching Studio

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