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What others have said about Garey...

"Garey Williams displays a beautiful touch and emotion in his drumming. He performs with a strong technique and a keen sense of what to play in a studio situation to achieve the correct balance within a jazz/rock trio setting. His cymbal work is very expressive... "

Modern Drummer

I'm sure you know what a great teacher you are. But I've trained school teachers and also adult trainers in companies for over 30 years, and I just have to tell you what a pleasure it is to watch you working with Jeremy. Your ability to find him being successful, pull the best out of him and encourage him to do things he's afraid he can't do are extraordinary. I'm so happy that we found you, and it's exciting to see how he works with you. I'm feeling that you're exactly the right person to take Jeremy further.

Parent of student

"Hello Everyone,
I can't thank you enough for sponsoring Garey Williams to work in schools!! Any time my kids can go see Garey perform inspires them; when my students are given the opportunity to be in a clinic given by Garey, they are inspired even more and they become incredibly empowered players. Students talk about seeing Garey's drum technique "close up" and then going home and applying what they learned in the clinic. Several students are driving their parents nuts through practice. How amazing is that?
Thank you for strengthening my students. Thank you for providing such an inspiration in Garey.

Don May
Ellensburg High School and Middle School Band Director

"Hi Garey,
I'm getting back to you after Micah's awesome lesson. You are a wonderful teacher! Micah said he learned more from that lesson than he did all year.
Thanks for being so encouraging.

Parent of Student

" Great presentation. Detailed explanations of why and how were fantastic. Top notch. Thank you, Garey!"

Scott Fry
Auburn High School Band Director

"I've been to P.I.T. and studied with some great teachers but Garey's method of explaining and teaching is so clear and easy to understand."

Clinic Attendant

" Garey presented an informative and entertaining clinic. His playing, delivery of information and interaction with the students is outstanding."

Paul Williams
Olympic High School Band Director

"I've pored over your instructions and my notes so as to get the most out of your suggestions--I learned more during the session than the sum of all of my other drum lessons "

Private Drum Instructor

"You have always been a gigantic inspiration and after hearing you play in the 90's, when asked who my drumming idols are, I usually answer something like "Dave Weckl, Vinnie Coliauta, Garey Williams, buddy Rich ....." etc. Drummers usually ask "who's Garey Williams?" I tell them who you are to me! Hope I didn't make you feel awkward with all the praise but if the drumming world was the martial arts world I'd be calling you Sensei, Sifu, Master, or even Grand Master! I feel lucky to have been and continue to be associated with you.

Former private student

"Students are fortunate to have a teacher and player of Garey's caliber in the area."

Dean Brown Instructor
Percussion Institute of Technology/PIT

" Great! Lots of good information - very helpful. I liked how he used students as examples. The breakdown of the rudiments was very helpful. Awesome!!"

David Mulkins
Stadium High School Band Director

"Garey demonstrates tremendous world class playing skill."

Darrell Johnston
Axis Pedals

" We want Garey to come back! Very professional presentation, age appropriate, great delivery, exceptional musicality!"

Ron Hazenberg
Illahee Middle School Band Director

" Loved the clinic. Kids jaws dropped when Garey played a solo for them. He spoke very clearly & was SO helpful with basic techniques & stick balance & evenness.

Sheryl Clark
Harbor Ridge Middle School Band Director

"Garey's clinic presentations are relaxed and well delivered. It's clear he's been doing this for a long time."

Dom Famularo
International Clinician
Director of Education for Sabian cymbals and Mapex drums

"I have really enjoyed my lessons so far. I canít tell you how much I have learned and how much I enjoy learning from you. It is amazing that I am beginning to learn how to do the things that I have been hearing for decades. Thank you, Garey. "

Private Student

"Garey Williams plays with an attentive spark, much the way Chad Wackerman did with Allan Holdsworth."

Rhythm Magazine

" Awesome! Good demos, clear explanations, personable and draws kids in. I got some good ideas and tips as well! Thanks Garey!"

Jeremy Faxon
Fairview Junior High Band Director

"Garey Williams is always a pleasure to have as a clinician, extremely aware of people's needs...will always refer to Garey as 'The Best'."

Keith Purvis-Purvis Drum Shop

" Garey constantly provides and outstanding presentation to our students. He is clear, positive and instructional. The students leave Garey's clinic inspired and motivated. Thanks!"

Bryan Beale
Central Kitsap Junior High Band Director

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